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Malamatenia Kaintatzi

Malamatenia Kaintatzi was born in the Island of Crete on 1976.

In a very young age she followed Reiki to heal herself from a disease suffering many years.She received two sessions of Reiki and she got healed.

An immidiate decision was taken and she became a healer on 2004 with a great interest in research about healing. Her travels to India,Thailand and Europe gave her a powerful Spiritual growth and knowledge from Great Teachers.

She is Teaching Authentic Traditional Reiki (7th tree Master), Atma Crystal Healing level 1-2 ® (Unique seminar for Europians), 7 Ray Healing and Ascended Masters ® level 1-2 (through chanelling), Clairvoyance, Magnet Healing, Gemstone Feng Shui, Atma healing techniques, Meditations and Archangel Attunements.

Special seminars are given in holy places and high vibrate archaelogical places to refresh and bring to surface the secret knowledge of ancient times. She is the owner of Hilarion healing and research center in Athens.

She is the creator of the Feng Shui Energy Pyramid to heal and protect a place.

Based of her Knowledge about healing and analyzing people through Numerology and Astrology, she creats personal Talisman made from different kind of stones collected for your personal needs and destiny.


Her Teachers:

Yosheph Yu ( Feng Shui Flying Stars and Astrology)

Eva Junghans 6th Master from Energy tree (Reiki 3)

Daniel Gorgonia (Kriya Shakti -Arhatic), {Lama} Stathis Liakopoulos(Meditations),

Dalai Lama Buddhist Philoshophy ”The 8th path of Happiness

Brilakis Emmanouil Reiki 1-2 Dr Akanee Navarat ( Atma Crystal healing, Magnet healing, Sacred Geometry, Tao , Meditations)

Etilvia Padilla Basic Pranic Healing, Ricardo Scornajenghi(Advanced Pranic and Psychotherapy, Maurizio Parmeziani (Pranic Crystal), Ector Ramos (Αrhatic Yoga).


Spiritual Teachers:

Jesus Consciousness, Μιkao Usui, Master Hilarion, and the Holy Ascended Masters , Satya Sai Baba.

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